Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Pay Me Forward" viral concept will explode your group!

$25 (One Time)
You are about to be introduced to a concept that will change the world!
  You can choose to accept it or decline it. That is of course, your choice.
But before we go into that...

We have a very powerful way to change your financial situation for the better and countless others as well.
What if you were told you that you could change the world with one simple concept? It's called Pay Me Forward or PMF for short.

Pay Me Forward is a concept taken from the popular movie called "Pay It Forward".

Would you turn this down if we told you that we had a mechanism that...
Has an incredible payout
High Profile Company with a 12+ year track record
Has over incredible, real products
Only $25 (one-time) to get started
Is totally unique
It's AND IS THE FASTEST way to make money due to the cycling matrix
When you experience the system we have set up, you will see what we mean when we say that it was not put together in a week. This has taken years to develop and now it's ready for you!
The concept is a simple one yet one that if implemented will really work. But how to accelerate the process? I have the answer.
In order for the Pay Me Forward concept and system to work and most of all be legitimate there needs to be a few key elements.

Real Products
Million dollar Tracking Software that works
Highest Possible Pay structure
and most of all... honest people that really want to do some good!
Real Products
The Pay Me Forward system realized that without real products it would just be an illegal pyramid or chain letter scheme and that's not what we are about by a long shot.
Once you join Pay Me Forward, you will see that we have thousands of dollars in real digital products worth many times more than what people pay to join.
And the most valuable part is...
Tracking Software that works
The company has put together the plan so that the maximum payout can be achieved. Let's take a look...
The Pay Me Forward system is based on people doing good for others. You do good for people and they do the same. The effect can be a ripple effect that can change the world for the better.
In order to accomplish this, we use a system that is known as a 2X2 "Follow Me" Matrix system.
Let's see how it works. The concept is brilliantly simple. There are 2 levels. Let's use the illustration below as an example. 


YOU introduce PMF to 2 people (spot 1 & 2). The two persons holding spot 1 & 2 then refer or "Pay Forward" positions 3 & 4 as well as 5 & 6. Thus a total matrix of 6 positions.
                                     The entry level is a one-time $25.
Once you complete the 6 person matrix, you cycle out of the matrix and earn $50. You will also get a sponsor bonus of $5 when everyone you bring into PMF completes a matrix. You are then moved into a fresh matrix by the tracking system and start the process over. All members that you bring into PMF will follow you as they cycle as well.
Let's review...
"Pay Me Forward" viral concept will explode your group!
One Time Entry of $25
Sponsor Bonus of $5 when members cycle
Training & Support
Stability: 12+ Year Debt Free USA Based Corporation supporting
Great Products!  
At its core, the Pay Me Forward (PMF) concept really works.
You help someone and in turn they help others which then begins a chain reaction that changes the lives of as many people as possible.
How do you accelerate the process?
Acceleration Concept #1:
This process multiplies as the people you introduced duplicate. The cycling process starts to pick up pace. You cycle and rollup under your sponsor to start a new matrix. The Pay Me Forward system starts to duplicate and the avalanche of people start to cycle under you causing you to earn unlimited $50 payments as you cycle and $5 sponsor bonuses each time the people you invite cycle. You also get a $25 NEW spot in the matrix you enter.
Acceleration Concept #2:
You know by now that can introduce as little as 2 people. Question: What if you brought in more people after the initial start up? What would happen if you give the PMF gift to 5 or 10 people? What about 50 or 100? 

This is the true Pay Me Forward concept.
Help others and it comes back to you.
Your inviter will pay you back your $25 start-up fee that you will pay when you join PMF. I know you are thinking "Yeah right! So what's the catch"?
Here's the catch...
There is only one requirement that the inviter and invitee MUST agree upon before joining PMF.

The Rule: PMF members simply offer to pay the new member back the $25 once they in turn do the same for two people. This is key, NO EXCEPTIONS!! The new potential member MUST agree to do the same for 2 others in a 30 day time frame. Once the new person has paid the way in for two others, the inviter will refund the $25 start-up fee Note: If the agreement is not done in the 30 day time frame it is the choice of the inviter to do so but they will be under no obligation to do so. This will rarely be an issue.
Follow the above step and it is a mathematical certainty that you will be hugely successful.
Thus DO NOT join just because you want a freebie. This is the only rule that we strictly enforce. If you do not think that you can do the same for at least 2 others in 30 days or less so that they can help others and you in turn get rewarded with thousands of dollars in products and the possibility of huge monetary rewards then think twice about joining.
If you do accept this offer, your inviter will help you every step of the way. It is totally reasonable to expect that anyone can introduce this to 2 people in 30 days especially with the tools and training the company provides. Thus, if after 30 days you have not done the same for 2 people, you need to talk with your inviter. However they will be in contact long before the 30 days are up.
It's that easy. PMF is only looking for serious leaders who can duplicate a simple system and want to...
  • Change the world one person at a time
  • Can follow a simple step-by-step system
If this is you, then our system is for you.
Now you have a choice...
Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Hey, let's face it, it's only $25 (one-time) and you are probably thinking of many people right now that will be chomping at the bit to get started.

Make sure the name of your inviter is listed on the next page before joining.
*We use Alerpay as our processor only
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$25 (One Time)

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