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How to Use Emotional Motivators to Retain Your MLM Network Marketing Downline

by JulianSutra  on 25/01/2011
Your MLM marketing system is working and you’ve begun to sponsor members into your mlm network marketing downline and you’re wondering how you can keep them motivated long enough to succeed right? Don’t let your MLM lead generation techniques go to waste!

I don’t blame you. In fact, that’s a question that’s on just about every serious network marketers’ mind at one time or another. You genuinely care about your people and want to help them succeed but you know they can’t do it on their own. They’ll need a shot of “feel-good” juice every so often to keep them going.

Not everyone has had the opportunity to act as someone’s coach, or even received coaching on their own for that matter.
However, effective coaching can really bring out the best in people and push them to heights they didn’t even know they had. While the best coach is always yourself, it doesn’t hurt to have a second opinion or someone to look at your situation from a different point of view.

If you think about it, even the great ones have coaches, but not every coach is great. I’ve had mentors and sales managers at work that couldn’t motivate me to care about sales if my life depended on it. They were condescending, offensive, and outright insincere.
There’s nothing worse than someone putting on a front when deep down inside you know they couldn’t care less about you.

I urge you not to become that type of coach. Exploiting people for your own benefit is a dangerous road and will eventually come back to bite you.

Instead you want your people to like and respect you. You want to make them feel comfortable enough to open up to you on an emotional level so you can determine what makes them tick.
Knowing an mlm network marketing downline members’ emotional motivators allows you to coach at a level more powerful than anything else.

Let me outline a powerful coaching method I learned from legendary personal development coach, Steve Seibold.

How Can You Motivate Your Downline Members?

In his book 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, Steve Seibold outlines a process called “facilitated introspection.” Facilitated introspection is a process by which you lead people through a form of self-discovery. Most people are unaware of what makes them tick as far as emotional motivators. This doesnt just apply to MLM marketing, it can work for any industry
The way you help someone discover their hidden power is through probing questions (we’ll cover those in a minute).

Using probing questions is powerful on two levels. One, the person doing the digging becomes aware of his emotions driving his behavior and two, you as a mentor, discover what buttons to push.
This process can also be used when recruiting people into your mlm network marketing downline but not with nearly as good of results. Your prospects are still in a skeptical phase and may not allow you to ask very personal questions just yet.

As your relationships with your downline grows, it becomes easier and more natural to ask such probing questions to uncover the principal emotional motivators.
Here are some questions you can ask of your mlm network marketing downline members to facilitate the introspective process.

Start out with: “Tell me what you really want out of this business more than anything else?”
You want to make the person feel comfortable enough to answer in terms of how they feel rather than thinks. Once she begins to explain her feelings, follow up with these additional probing questions.

-What exactly do you mean by that?
-What does that look like to you?
-Why do you feel that way?
-Tell me more about that?
-Why is that important to you?
-What does having that mean to you?

Once someone is convinced that you care about them and the way they think and feel, it sets the stage for an emotional bond to occur.

Uplines and mentors who coach this way lose very few of their mlm network marketing downline team members to rival companies because of this powerful bond.

This faciliated process is at the Infinity Dowline Rts Formula by Karl Kadoza and his team. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard of Karl, he’s made money you guessed marketing.
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Using this process to uncover your mlm network marketing downline members’ emotional needs allows you to become a much more effective mlm downline builder. In turn, this makes you an overall better leader and coach. While the process is one that will take time to master, it will pay off in the end with motivated team members.

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