How To Join

Step 1

Click On The Link Given By Your Inviter which will take you to his/hers


Step 2 – Join Infinity Downline.
Do not use spaces in your username. Your username will be inserted in
your link to promote

Step 3 Login Into Your Account
After joining you will see your  Username and Password and your
referral link.
Save all the details for future reference .

Our Secretary whom i call Betty will be there to greet you.

Step 4 Click On The Blue Link To Make Payment

Step 5
Contact Your Sponsor To Get Your Refund & Password To Our Bonus Site
Step 6
Update Your Profile And Link Up Your Payment Processors
This Video Will Help

Dont Have An Alertpay Account??
Click on the link below and grab your free PERSONAL PRO account

For Paypal – Signup For A Premier Account
Your Infinity Downline
Account Is Ready To Go

My name is JULIANSUTRA and i am the team member of the infinity
downline team facebook RTS formula. As you can clearly see, infinity
downline guarantees an upwards of $25,000 a month in 10 weeks with
every one referring 4 people in 7 days. It was for this very reason the
RTS Formula was created.
Return to sender is a great way to quickly sponsor people and also to
build trust. By spending the next 30 days building your team you can
literally kick back and relax and watch the payments come in month
after month after month
Reminder you can’t get paid for doing nothing but you can get paid ALOT
for doing very little.
When i 1st got started i actually called over some friends and show
them this business and the potential it possessed. The Biggest problem
you will have is people thinking that it’s a scam..
So if possible you want to show them this BBB page so that they can see
for them selves that infinity downline is a 100% legitimate company.
And for those of you that are unaware of it, infinity downline is led
by one of the best online marketers Existing Today and is often
recognized as the father of generating leads online!!!
Peter Wolfing.
Please head into your back office and click on Future
Webinars To Enroll in our weekly Training sessions.
My friends, This is going to be a life changing opportunity. i hope you
will put forth the MAXIMMUM effort and complete your 4 referrals in the
fastest time possible.
i look forward to networking with you soon

skype –dj.julianstura
email –

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