Monday, January 24, 2011

Step 1

Getting Started


1.    Go to
   a.    If you have a google account already, like an gmail account, you can just sign in. And Skip down to Name Your Blog. If not just continue.
2.    Click on the arrow "Create Your Blog Now"    


Step 2

Create an Account

1.     Create a user name
2.     Enter a password and confirm it
3.     Type your display name
4.     Type your email address at the bottom.
5.     Check the box for "Acceptance of Terms"
6.     Click "Continue"



Step 3

Name Your Blog

1.     Blog title: RTS FORMULA INFINITY DOWLINE (or something similar) it can be changed later
2.     Blog address (URL): same as your user name
3.     Click "Continue"

Step 4

Choose a Template

1.     Select a style template for your blog (you can change this later if you get tired of this style)
2.     Click "Continue"

3.     Click "Start Blogging"


Step 5

Posting to Your Blog

1.     Title:RTS FORMULA (or something similar)
2.     Enter your post it should be something similar to this:

By filling the form below, I will send you info on how to join the most SUCCESSFUL and DYNAMIC Group on the Net, RTS FORMULA NETWORKERS! If you are not a member of RTS FORMULA INFINITY  DOWNLINE TEAM ; you can join from the page provided after you fill in the form. You will also receive instructions via email.

4.     When you are finished writing your post, click "Publish Post"


Step 6

Changing Your Blogger Settings

Follow These Instructions for Each Tab
Basic Setting

1.     Title: RTS FORMULA Networkers (or something similar) and this is where you come if you ever want to change the title.
2.     Description: A description of  RTS FORMULA Networkers  here is an example: A Networking Community For Everyone
3.     Everything else is fine but you may want to change Show email post links: "Yes" this allows people to email your post to others.
4.     Click "Save Settings"


        This is where you can change your blog URL if wanted but just skip this tab for now


1.     Time Zone: Your Time Zone
2.     Convert line breaks: "No"
3.     Everything else is just personal preference so we can move on
4.     Click "Save Settings"


        Everything is just personal preference so we can move on


1.     Enable Post Pages: "Yes"
2.     Click "Save Settings"

Site Feed

        (skip this tab)


        (skip this tab)


        (skip this tab)


        (skip this tab)



Step 7

The Dashboard

        The Dashboard is your home base. When you log in to Blogger this is where you will be. You can add posts for the Dashboard.
        Wherever you are in Blogger you can click "Dashboard" to back to the Dashboard

Step 8

Changing Your Profile

1.     Click "Edit Profile"
2.     Check "Show my profile"
3.     Check "Show my real name"
4.     Check "Show my email address"
5.     First Name: Your First Name
6.     Last Name: Your Last Name
7.     Upload a Photo
8.     Gender: Your Gender
9.     Birthday: Your Birthday
10.     Homepage URL: Enter a URL for a business opportunity or something similar
11.     Wishlist URL: Skip
12.     IM Username: Enter your IM information
13.     City/Town: Your City/Town
14.     Region/State: Your Region/State
15.     Country: Your Country
16.     Industry: Your Industry
16.     Occupation: Your Occupation
17.     Interests: Your Interests (Separate each interest with a comma)
18.     About Me: Information About Yourself
19.     Favorite Movies: Your Favorite Movies (Separate each interest with a comma)
20.     Favorite Music: Your Favorite Music (Separate each interest with a comma)
21.     Favorite Books: Your Favorite Books (Separate each interest with a comma)
22.     Random Question: A question that shows in your profile after your About Me info so you can put something like Want to make more money? Contact Me!
23.     Click "Save Profile" (at the bottom of the page)














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