Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Magnetic sponsoring Awesome!!!!!

Magnetic sponsoring - Picked up a copy of magnetic sponsoring yesterday and OMG. I didn't realize that was a whole different side to creating results on the internet. And this is something that we cannot learn any where else except magnetic sponsoring

Here's Just A Small Taste Of What
You'll Discover In This Manual:

  • How you can make as much as $500 to $1,000 your first month in network marketing... without sponsoring anyone or selling your company's products!    *see earnings disclaimer
  • How to contact thousands of network marketers already looking to join your opportunity... without making a single phone call or spamming anyone.
  • The #1 "clumsy mistake" people make with their mouths that kills their chances of signing up new distributors.
  • Why you should almost NEVER sponsor "excited" prospects... and why lazy people often make the most money in MLM.
  • A secret way to get hundreds — even thousands — of people to join your downline at the same time without even mentioning your company or business!
  • The fastest known way to quickly "position" yourself as an expert and attract leads to you — even if you're brand new to MLM and know nothing about the business now.
  • Why "opportunity seekers" are the WORST people to sponsor!
  • A "can't miss" way to instantly gain the respect and admiration of every single network marketer in your company — even if you haven't sponsored anyone yet!
  • The "Donald Trump" secret to effectively answering questions and objections from MLM skeptics.
  • What to do with your eyes to command respect from almost everyone you talk to.  (You can actually see this secret "in action" in most James Bond 007 movies.)
  • The ONLY people you should ever market your retail products to!  (Do this and selling thousands of dollars in products each month is like taking candy from a baby.)
  • An "almost magic" way to create 100% duplication within your downline! 
  • The "big lie" of genealogy lists... and why you should avoid them like the plague!
  • Why the best way ever discovered to make money in MLM... and make it fast... is to do the exact OPPOSITE of what most other network marketers do.
  • A quickie, "idiot's" guide to consumer psychology — often used by cult leaders and other persuasion masters — that lets you instantly tap into the buying "hot buttons" of everyone you talk to.
  • Why telling your prospects your company is "debt free" and does billions in sales will actually destroy your chances of signing them up!
  • The most common "sales killing" mistake people make when sending email to their prospects.  (Do NOT send another email to another prospect, customer or lead until you read this!)
  • The only two things you should send a prospect who wants more information. (Hint: This has NOTHING to do with your product, company or compensation plan.)
  • How to get your entire downline to loyally follow you to another MLM company... with the push of a button!
  • How to immediately get your newest reps into a positive cash flow. (Making it almost impossible for them to ever want to quit or leave your team.)
  • A sneaky (but 100% legal) way to get industry leaders outside your company to recruit people into YOUR downline!
There's more.  A LOT more.

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